A collection of exchanges that explore the values we want to see in our city.

Past Experiences

Flourish Experiences listens to, learns from, and laments with those who are most impacted by the lack of these values in our city. Then we invite the broader OKC Community to exchanges as we learn together and imagine a city where all flourish.


  • City-wide event celebrating educators, educational nonprofits, and students.

Restorative Justice

  • Digital event celebrating organizations cultivating the value of restorative justice.
  • Art Display with original pieces by local artists and Flourish’s Student Committee
  • Special Screening of Just Mercy for individuals and organizations working on behalf of restorative justice practices in OKC.


  • Interactive art exhibit amplifying the voices of resettled refugees and asylum seekers in our city.
  • A Celebration of Welcome celebrating and learning from first generation immigrant students about the value of welcome. 
  • Collective conversations and action steps toward welcoming new neighbors from Afghanistan.
A man and woman learning and observing together



Flourish Experiences is exploring the value of rest in our current season. How do we rest? How is equitable access to rest a justice issue? How does rest move us toward being a city where all flourish?

Join us as we explore these questions and more. We will be hosting a variety of Exchanges exploring this value through the Spring of 2024. Be sure to follow Flourish here and on social media to be in the know about public events and activities.