Flourish collaboratively
creates platforms that:

Grow Awareness,

uproot barriers, and

cultivate a new narrative.

In this city, all flourish.

Practicing Intentions

Platforms are a direct result of listening to and being involved in our community.

It is through these that we learn from those most impacted by the challenges in our city, and who offer the best solutions to these issues. These relationships are often a catalyst for the development of relationships with outside leaders working for the good of the city.

Hands digging and planting in a garden


A new vision of what it means to give.

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A group of people sitting in chairs and listening attentively


A community of peacemakers engaging with the Church and Oklahoma City in order to seek truth, repair, healing, and the common good.

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Groups of people exploring a gallery


A collection of exchanges that explore the values we want to see in our city.

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City background with Cultivate logo overlay


A venture accelerator for the whole city.

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Weaving loom with The Loom logo on top

The Loom

Weaving a community of care and belonging so that we can be generous together.

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