A collaborative approach to strengthen and weave together ventures and communities seeking the care for the well-being of the whole. A new vision of what it means to give.

Two women embracing, one of them receiving a photo or award

We are reimagining the way resources are given: deep, catalytic support for leaders, teams, and work being done on the margins. We resource the risk-takers who see new possibilities for the restoration of the city.

The Flourish Giving Platform was born out of a cycle of one-time grants given at an annual, city-wide event (celebrating ministries in OKC). While that annual event is no longer the driver of Flourish as a whole, it developed a small network of local nonprofits that are connected to focus areas in each season - primarily Education, Restorative Justice, and Welcome.

Our Approach

Our current focus in the giving platform is deepening supportive, long-term support of this local network– with a particular goal of caring for the health and wellbeing of team members.

Past seasons of giving have included focus among these areas:


Grant applications were opened and awarded to organizations working in the Education space of OKC. This included programs for kids or adults working to support education systems in Oklahoma.

Restorative Justice

Grant applications were opened and awarded to organizations working within the Restorative Justice space in OKC. This included those working with incarcerated individuals, formerly incarcerated, and diversion programs.


A call for student project submissions was opened to be reviewed and selected by a panelist of reviewers. Ten students were awarded an Education stipend for their projects answering the question “how do you practice welcome?”.

of Giving

Even within our giving, we want to leave room for innovation. As we listen to practitioners and community members, we dream a new vision of giving that looks much more like sharing than like charity. In this season of giving we are in discovery phases of what Community-Led Giving could look like in specific neighborhoods, demographics, or sectors.

Flourish currently has 2 city sectors participating in the development of Community-Led Giving.

The Eastside DUO fund was created through one of the community led giving groups. The Eastside Do Unto Others Fund is a giving initiative hoping to put resources for change into the hands of community leaders on the northeast side of Oklahoma City. Resources were given through a Grant Application process. Learn more about this initiative here.

The OKC Latino Community Fund is a community led giving initiative hoping to fund organizations serving the underserved Latino community in Oklahoma City. As our Latino community in Oklahoma City continues to grow, so does the need for programs and social services to serve this community. Applications for grants are open until May 28, 2024. Learn more about this initiative and apply here.

As new seasons of giving open, check back here and through our social media for more information.